Our Workshops are an in depth study of one dance over four 45 minute lessons. Each workshop has a nicely developed theme and will explore the value of using various types of figures, from basic to advanced, in your routines. Over the course of the four lessons, you will learn the details of footwork, timing, musicality, leading, following and a fresh new routine.

The first lesson focuses on technique and basic movement of the dance. The second and third lessons will teach the new choreography of the routine with slow and precise instructions and ample time to ask questions and clarify details. The last lesson of the workshop will have you practicing and repeating what you have learned with partners and teacher supervision.

You can use what you learn to enhance your basic skills, add to your repertoire of routines, or even incorporate into your competitive dances.
These workshops are beneficial to all skill levels and you can take one, two, three or all four lessons.

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